Surge Link Subscriber Survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services and meeting your needs effectively, we kindly request your participation in a brief survey.

Why Your Input Matters:
Your feedback helps us to understand your experiences, preferences, and priorities regarding our internet services. Your feedback helps us improve service delivery and ensures we are able to meet the diverse needs of our community.

How Your Input Benefits Everyone:

  • Tailored Solutions: Your input allows us to tailor our services to better suit your needs and preferences.
  • Improved Reliability: Data from the survey helps us identify areas for improvement, leading to a more reliable internet experience for all.
  • Growth: Your insights will help guide the City’s internet network expansion plan to benefit more families in Syracuse.

Taking the Survey is Quick & Easy – it will only require a few minutes of your time. Your responses are confidential and will be used solely for evaluation by the City of Syracuse to make service improvements. No personal information will be collected or stored by the City.

Get 3 months of free internet: Complete the survey by 6/9/24 at 11:59PM and opt-in to a drawing for 3 free months of Surge Link service.

Your participation is highly valued and greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us serve you better and for being a part of Surge Link – Syracuse’s Community Broadband Network.