Expanding Broadband Access in Syracuse

Surge Link™ is a high-speed internet service offered by the City of Syracuse.
The service provides households an affordable, private and secure internet connection. 

In-Home Wi-Fi

Equipment Included, No Installation Fee and No Annual Contract

High-Speed Service

100mbps download & upload speeds


via City of Syracuse subsidy

Local Customer Support

Be connected to a live operator within 30 second of your call

Local Voices, Local Stories

“My children can do their homework with ease now that we have high speed internet.”
– Marcus

“The rising costs of internet drove me mad.”
– Ronnie

How You Can Help

We’re looking to amplify our outreach efforts and welcome community-based partners to help us spread the word. If you serve Syracuse residents who could benefit from Surge LinkTM, let us know of community meetings or other events where our team could provide information or sign up individuals for services.

Serving Your Residents

If you’re a property manager and would like to learn more about how we can connect your building, please reach out!